Power Up Camp Wrap Up

Wreck Lab at Power Up Camp- Electronics compliments of RemachinesToday was the last day of Power Up Camp at Hawthorne Elementary School. Here are the projects we covered:

Cardboard circuits; using paper clips, fasteners, battery packs, light bulbs, and LEDs to make simple circuits, parallel circuits, series circuits, and make switches to open and close our various circuits.

Unconventional batteries; we made batteries out of pennies and nickels, oranges and lemons, and aluminum foil, salt water, and activated carbon.

DC Motors; we made simple DC motors with batteries, magnet wire, paper clips, and a magnet.

The Power of Magnetic Fields; we explored what materials were magnetic, learned about magnetic fields with iron filings, found that magnets can still be strong through objects and played games utilizing the magnetic fields, and we made magnet repel cars.

Resistance is Futile; We tested materials to see which were conductive and which were insulative. Then we explored the resistance of the conductive materials. After learning how to use multimeters, we used pencils to draw lines and measure resistance.

Renewable Energy; We played games to learn how solar power, windmills, and water turbines provide power, and we created our own wind turbines.

Art Bots; Using our circuit knowledge, we used computer fans to created robots that could draw!

Wreck Lab; Time to see how things work. We took apart VCRs, DVD players, radios, and more to find out what’s inside.

A HUGE thank you to Remachines for providing us with PC fans for our Art Bots and electronics for the kids to take apart and for recycling our leftovers. Everyone had a blast and can’t stop talking about the cool projects they did at camp.

Space Science at Madison Library

We’ll be hosting three different projects at many of the Madison branch Libraries this summer. The projects include Rocket Star Glitter Globes where children will make glitter globes out of baby food jars, and color paper cutouts to turn them into zooming rockets.

Constellation Cards will have children creating cutouts that can be use to project constellations onto the wall, or used as a guide at night to explore the starry sky.

At DIY Mars Rover, children work to create their own space vehicle. Will yours have solar panels?

Check your local branch library for upcoming project days.

STEAMboat Workshops MSCR Camps

Steamboat Workshops will be running four weeks of summer camp through MSCR. In July, Power Up camp will teach children in going into grades 2nd through 5th about basic circuits, electricity, fields, and more. In August, Forces of Physics camp allows 1st through 5th graders to explore the power of surface tension, magnets, gravity, vortexes, air pressure, friction, and other forces, as well as a fun treat on Friday where they’ll get to play a live version of a popular phone video game involving frustrated fowls. Looks for us at Muir(westside) and Hawthorne(eastside) Elementary Schools!

Library STEM Fair


Saturday, Karen will be at the STEM Fair at the Goodman South Madison Public Library from 9am til noon helping kids make Compass Art. Come visit!

Here is the official event description, ”

Check out these opportunities to investigate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, brought to you by the staff of Navigant and geared towards kids ages 5-10.

Use MG&E’s Pedal Power Generator, a hands-on legs-on tool to experience how much human power it requires to produce electricity for a variety of different loads including incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, fans, radio and cup heater.
Experience the wonder of robotics through a Lego Robotics demonstration.
Discover the “Science of Goo” while learning about properties of fluids through this hands-on experience.
Dissect an owl pellet to learn about food chains, what owls eat, and how all life in the forest is interrelated.
See how to create a battery using food and use it to power a light bulb.
We use electricity everyday, but it is also dangerous. Learn why it is important to only use electricity safely by seeing what it can do to our bodies if used incorrectly. This will be demonstrated by using electricity to cook a hotdog. Feel free to try a bite, too!”

Science Night at Wingra

Squishy Circuit sm

STEAMboat Workshops will be presenting Squishy Circuits at Family Science Night at Wingra School on Wednesday, March 26th. Families are welcome to walk around to various tables from 5:30-6:30, with a chemistry presentation from 6:45-7:30pm.

Goop at Gompers

Mr. Bush’s 5th grade class tested out some recipes for one of our future workshops. They tried two different recipes for Silly Putty, and recipes for Gluep and Flubber. Next time, we’ll try making Ninja Turtle Slime and Oobleck!

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