Library STEM Fair


Saturday, Karen will be at the STEM Fair at the Goodman South Madison Public Library from 9am til noon helping kids make Compass Art. Come visit!

Here is the official event description, ”

Check out these opportunities to investigate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, brought to you by the staff of Navigant and geared towards kids ages 5-10.

Use MG&E’s Pedal Power Generator, a hands-on legs-on tool to experience how much human power it requires to produce electricity for a variety of different loads including incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, fans, radio and cup heater.
Experience the wonder of robotics through a Lego Robotics demonstration.
Discover the “Science of Goo” while learning about properties of fluids through this hands-on experience.
Dissect an owl pellet to learn about food chains, what owls eat, and how all life in the forest is interrelated.
See how to create a battery using food and use it to power a light bulb.
We use electricity everyday, but it is also dangerous. Learn why it is important to only use electricity safely by seeing what it can do to our bodies if used incorrectly. This will be demonstrated by using electricity to cook a hotdog. Feel free to try a bite, too!”