Power Up Camp Wrap Up

Wreck Lab at Power Up Camp- Electronics compliments of RemachinesToday was the last day of Power Up Camp at Hawthorne Elementary School. Here are the projects we covered:

Cardboard circuits; using paper clips, fasteners, battery packs, light bulbs, and LEDs to make simple circuits, parallel circuits, series circuits, and make switches to open and close our various circuits.

Unconventional batteries; we made batteries out of pennies and nickels, oranges and lemons, and aluminum foil, salt water, and activated carbon.

DC Motors; we made simple DC motors with batteries, magnet wire, paper clips, and a magnet.

The Power of Magnetic Fields; we explored what materials were magnetic, learned about magnetic fields with iron filings, found that magnets can still be strong through objects and played games utilizing the magnetic fields, and we made magnet repel cars.

Resistance is Futile; We tested materials to see which were conductive and which were insulative. Then we explored the resistance of the conductive materials. After learning how to use multimeters, we used pencils to draw lines and measure resistance.

Renewable Energy; We played games to learn how solar power, windmills, and water turbines provide power, and we created our own wind turbines.

Art Bots; Using our circuit knowledge, we used computer fans to created robots that could draw!

Wreck Lab; Time to see how things work. We took apart VCRs, DVD players, radios, and more to find out what’s inside.

A HUGE thank you to Remachines for providing us with PC fans for our Art Bots and electronics for the kids to take apart and for recycling our leftovers. Everyone had a blast and can’t stop┬átalking about the cool projects they did at camp.